Wetlands & Permitting Services

Delineations and Habitat Mapping - Benchmark has conducted habitat mapping and wetland delineations on over ten thousand acres supporting pipeline and powerline right-of-ways, mitigation site evaluations, housing developments, industrial site development projects including airports, LNG facilities, dredge impoundments, container terminals and barge terminals.

Planting Plans and Field Support - Benchmark scientists have developed planting plans and provided field support for the planting of over one million wetland plants for industrial clients, US Army Corps of Engineers, Texas Parks & Wildlife, school districts, development companies and port authorities.

Design to Support Mitigation and Restoration Projects - Benchmark scientists and GIS analysts develop conceptual designs for wetland restoration and mitigation projects. Our designs have been used to construct and plant over 150 acres of wetlands on some of the largest wetland construction and mitigation projects along the Texas Gulf coast.

Oversight of Construction and Restoration Projects - We provide biological and ecological oversight of wetland construction and restoration projects. Scientists work with engineers and construction contractors to build habitat that will be suitable for rapid wetland development and will support long-term wetland growth.

Wetland Monitoring - Once wetlands have been constructed, the scientists develop and conduct monitoring studies to document the growth and success of the wetland.