Threatened & Endangered Species

Over the past 20 years, Benchmark scientists have developed excellent working relationships with many state and federal agency representatives.  Benchmark routinely works with scientists and engineers from EPA, NMFS, NOAA, USACE, USFWS, TGLO, TCEQ, TPWD, TSU, and TXDOT.




Habitat Mapping and Utilization Studies

Benchmark scientists routinely classify and map habitats at aquatic, intertidal and upland sites. The goal of these studies is to categorize and map habitat by using a variety of characteristics including: soil type, moisture level, and vegetative cover. These studies may include population density and species diversity studies to evaluate wildlife utilization.


Biodiversity Studies

Benchmark scientists have conducted biodiversity studies to support stream classification, special use permits, site clean-up, and mitigation projects. Benchmark scientists have conducted and designed special studies involving mark/recapture, sonic tagging, trapping, netting, and stratified random sample collection. Studies are conducted according to federal and state agency standards.