GIS Services

Benchmark is equipped with a comprehensive Geographic Information System composed of the latest industry standard softwares, field DGPS units, professionally-trained technicians, and numerous accessory sensors. These capabilities are integral to successfully conducting our field activities and allow precise sample locating and recording capabilities. These capabilities also allow ready collaboration and data dissemination with partners and clients.

  • Wetlands and Permitting - Field GPS units are used to locate  survey areas and precisely record  wetland boundaries
  • Oil and Gas - Prior to conducting field site assessments, our GIS technicians gather data including aerial photographs, Threatened and Endangered Species Occurrence data, flood zone, jurisdictional waters, wetlands, and lease boundary data.
  • Environmental Sampling - GIS is used prior to field sampling to plot proposed sample stations, review aerial photographs, and identify access issues. Upon completion of field studies, GIS is used to plot actual sample stations, present field data, and provide figures for reports.
  • Site Development and Maintenance - Bathymetry: Point-cloud datasets collected by field technicians using fathometers and manual measurements can be precisely interpolated to produce surface datasets as well as value-based contours to aid in visualization of bathymetric features.